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Charlotte is the largest city in Piedmont and was named after George III’s wife, Queen Charlotte. Charlotte is marking its excellent presence with the sky- touching skyscrapers, featuring the 40-story, trapezoidal steel-and-glass tower of the Bank of America Plaza and the marvelous 46-story Hearst Tower, which was completed in 2002. Charlotte has fascinated and taken to heart a professional football team known as the Carolina Panthers that was good enough to get to the Super Bowl in 2004 and gave the tough challenge to the winning team, the New England Patriots. The enticing Suburban districts have thrived, with landscaped housing developments and enormous shopping malls springing up in every direction. This is the New South, built squarely on the foundation of the Old South. Travel to this beautiful city which is reminiscence of the classy vintage style with American Airlines Reservations, at extremely low costs.


At the intersection of Trade and Tryon streets stand four bronze statues, one on each corner. The three mandatory statues, i.e., commerce, transportation, and energy look towards the fourth, which is not the least and represents the future. The first of the three statues show a black laborer, depicting the workers who built Charlotte’s first railroads. Second of these statues is shown as a prospector who is panning for gold, depicting the discovery of gold near Charlotte in 1799, with another figure representing banking and finance, said to be modeled on former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. The third of the statues shows a female textile mill worker and a child, depicting minors who worked in the mills before labor laws outlawed the practice. The fourth and the last statue pointing the future also has a mother and child, with the state flower, the dogwood. The square is named for the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Though widely disputed by historians, some claim that the Mecklenburg document was signed May 20, 1775, more than a year before the Declaration of Independence — the one written by Thomas Jefferson — was ratified by the colonies on July 4, 1776. (Another document’s existence, the Mecklenburg Resolves, signed May 31, 1775, is not doubtful by historians.) Fly with American Reservations to this amazing land with great ease and safety.


This Garden lies near the Mahlon Adams Pavilion located at Cumberland and Lilac Avenues, Charlotte NC near the parking area. The mature garden consists of shade and sun garden beds surrounded wide grassy paths near the main sidewalks and under the trees in Charlotte’s busiest ‘central park’. Find what grows well in the Piedmont region as tags identify plant names and growing information, making your self-guided tour an informative one.  The gardens make good use of undulating beams, providing structure and distinctly different planting strategies with sun or shade exposures.  Visitors easily view the sunny borders, pollinators’ paradise and shady gardens filled with native shrubs and perennials, vibrant color schemes and a multi-seasonal display.

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