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The real, natural and magical aura of the southwest captivates the fantasies of visitors fortunate enough to spend time in Tucson. The images of the Old West of sunburned cowboys, steadfast Indians, and legendary gunfights have given way to a modern Tucson — world-class spas, challenging desert golf courses designed by the world’s best golfers, fun family activities and impressive convention and meeting venues. A modern metropolis, Tucson’s population of over 900,000 co-exists happily with Native American, Mexican and Pioneer heritage, a perfect complement to an uncomplicated way of life. Tucson lies in the Sonoran Desert, which is the only place in the entire world where majestic saguaro cactus grows. The long and ancient cactuses stand like that of silent sentinels in the shadows of the five mountain ranges cradling the Tucson valley and are showered with sunshine for more than 300 days annually. The average winter temperature is 70. Tourists visiting Tucson can enjoy luxurious resorts, hotels, and spas that provide fine dining and opportunities for strolling through lush desert gardens, experiencing spa treatments at the world’s top spas or relaxing by the pool. Adventure seekers will love visiting Tucson’s popular attractions. They can take advantage of sunny, warm weather to participate in sports events and explore the city’s thriving arts community. The outdoor activities are abundant which include world-class golf courses, cycling, tennis, hiking, and ranches with horseback riding. Tucson lies in southern Arizona and is about 120 miles away from the southeast of Phoenix. It is situated at the junction of I-10 and I-19. Book your flights to Tucson with American Airlines Reservations, without breaking the walls of your wallet. Get the best vacation packages with us at the lowest prices ever.

Visit the Mission of San Xavier del Bac

The mission of San Xavier del Bac is one of more than 20 Spanish Catholic missions across the deserts of Arizona. Located a mere 10 miles south of downtown Tucson, the church sits on the Tohono O’odham Nation Reservation. It’s also one of the most recognizable architectural structures in the area. The church, which is still fully functional and active, was opened in 1797, which makes it the oldest European structure in the state, though the O’odham provided the labor. Take the ultra-comfortable flights of American Airlines to this beautiful site, ensuring you have a great journey.

The Turquoise Trail

Tucson is such a historically rich location. Explore the downtown area and head to the historical landmarks of Tucson. Make your self guided tour following a 2.5-mile trail across 23 different spots in Tucson like the Hotel Congress, Pima County Courthouse, the Fox Tucson theater, and more. It’s called the Turquoise Trail because you follow the turquoise line painted on the ground! Visiting this place is a great way to spend quality time together with friends or family and even the children can rejoice this free activity in Tucson.

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